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I’m Parminder Singh, the Founder of and I’d like to personally thank you for registering to use our trusted service.

I created ProofKeep® to solve a recurring problem that I often faced. There were just too many situations where I needed to have an impartial and trustworthy third party that I could call upon to witness the details and circumstances of an event, a transaction, or a dealing that I was involved with (who, what, when, where, why, and under what context).

Capturing the circumstances and damage to my car at the scene of an accident, recording the commitments made during a business transaction, or capturing the move-in condition of the apartment I rent are all examples of situations where having the original and unaltered record of what happened, what was said, and/or what transpired would have given me peace of mind. There is comfort in knowing that the proof I capture will help mitigate or eliminate contentious, time-consuming, and costly disputes. And that's exactly what ProofKeep® does. ProofKeep® serves as Your Trusted Virtual Witness®, available for you to call upon anytime and anywhere.

Simply open ProofKeep® on your smartphone and capture digital proof with videos, audio, or photos of things that protect your interests or are important to you. Unlike pictures, videos, or audio captured in any other application, anything captured using ProofKeep™ will always remain original and unaltered. Even you cannot alter what you capture. Hence, the proof captured using ProofKeep always remains impartial, and undisputed, and can be used as evidence to support your position.

I’d love to hear what you think of ProofKeep® and learn if there is anything we can improve. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].

I’m always happy to help!

Parminder Singh

Founder & CEO, ProofKeep Technologies Inc.