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Privacy Policy


Protecting the privacy of users of ProofKeep Technologies Inc. (“ProofKeep,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) products and website is important to Us. Our Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is designed to inform you (“You”) about Our collection and use of information in the conduct of Our business. Our Privacy Policy applies to all users of the Service including individuals and entities. The “Service” means (a) the publicly accessible ProofKeep website (the “Site”), (b) the publicly accessible ProofKeep mobile application (the “App”), and (c) any other products or services offered to You by ProofKeep (“Offers”). Any other services and products provided to You by ProofKeep directly or through the Site, the App, or via Offer may be governed by the written agreement(s) entered into between You and ProofKeep, and, in the event of any conflict between this Privacy Policy and such written agreement, the written agreement shall apply for the services covered by such written agreement. From time to time, ProofKeep may modify this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and made a part of Our Terms of Use (“ToU”), which you also accept, adhere to and agree to comply with before using ProofKeep’s Service. If You have not done so already, please also review the Terms of Use. The ToU includes provisions that limit Our liability to users and other important terms including any rights You may have.

ProofKeep adheres to the following policies with regard to Your privacy.


a. “NPI” – Non Personal Information is information that is not personally identifiable and that is obtained through Your use of the Service.

b. “PII” – Personally Identifiable Information is non-public information that is personally identifiable and obtained in connection with providing a product or service to You. It may include information such as name, email, phone number, and address that You provide to ProofKeep during registration or use or purchase of the service. PII does not include information that has been made anonymous or aggregated so that it can no longer be used, whether in combination with other information or otherwise, to contact or identify you.


By using the Service, You are consenting to Our collection, use, processing, and disclosure of Your information (which may include NPI or PII or a selected combination of both) as set forth in this Privacy Policy, which may be modified from time to time. You should review this Privacy Policy from time to time so that You are updated on any changes. If You do not wish to consent to Our collection, use, processing and disclosure of Your information, then do not use the Service or any portion thereof.


When You use the Service, ProofKeep collects NPI, including Your device’s browser type, operating system, and device type. Likewise, in order to offer You meaningful products and services and for other reasons, ProofKeep will collect PII about You from the following sources:

a. Information available to Us through weblogs about Your traffic on other websites; or

b. Information You give ProofKeep during Your registration process or on applications or other forms while using the Service, including without limitation Your responses to questions through the Service; or

c. Information You volunteer, provide or send ProofKeep when You sign up to use the Service or via the Service; or

d. If You use a mobile device platform to access the Service or communicate with ProofKeep, information transmitted to ProofKeep from Your mobile device; or

e. Information purchased from or provided by third parties.


a. The Service may send a “cookie” to Your device or use an existing cookie on Your device. A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent to Your browser from a web server and stored on Your device. A cookie cannot read data off Your device or read cookie files created by other sites. Cookies do not damage Your system. Every device accessing the Service is assigned a different cookie. Cookies, primarily allow ProofKeep to recognize You as a user when You access the Service using the same device and web browser. ProofKeep uses cookies to identify which areas of the Service You have used, so the next time You use the Service, those pages may be readily accessible. ProofKeep also may use this information to better personalize the content that You see while using the Service. Most browser software can be set to reject cookies. However, if You reject ProofKeep cookies, certain functionality on the Service may not work correctly or at all or Your experience when using the Service will be less than optimal. ProofKeep does not link NPI from cookies to Your PII without Your permission.

b. ProofKeep may also use web beacons, pixels, anonymous ad network tags, and cookies (or in conjunction with cookies) to collect NPI about Your use of the Service, to collect anonymized, aggregated auditing, research, experience improvement and reporting for advertising purposes, and to collect data related to Your use of special promotions, interactions with other Users or products offered to you. The information collected by web beacons also allows ProofKeep to statistically monitor the usage of the Services and for what purposes these actions are being taken. ProofKeep web beacons are not used to track Your activity outside of the Service or the websites of ProofKeep sponsors. ProofKeep does not link NPI from web beacons to PII without Your permission.

c. Do Not Track: Some web browsers (including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) incorporate a “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) or similar feature that signals to websites that a user does not want to have his or her online activity and behaviour tracked. If a website that responds to a particular DNT signal receives the DNT signal, the browser can block that website from collecting certain information about the browser’s user. Not all browsers offer a DNT option and DNT signals are not yet uniform. For this reason, many website operators, including ProofKeep, do not respond to DNT signals as Your experience when using the Service may be inconsistent or deteriorate when using different browsers.


When You use the Service, We will collect location data from the browser, device or other software that You use to access the Service. We may also collect location data from Your device’s internet protocol (“IP”) address. ProofKeep will use the permanent address of residency as You declare for Your credit card for taxation purposes. In certain cases, ProofKeep may use your exact geo-location when using the Service to calculate excise, VAT or other taxes. ProofKeep may also receive location data passed to it from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that You have enabled.


When You use the Service, ProofKeep automatically receives the IP address of Your computer or mobile device (or the proxy server You use to access the internet), Your computer operating system and type of web browser You are using, email patterns, Your mobile device, including Your Unique Device Identifier (“UDID”) and mobile operating system, as well as the name of Your ISP or Your mobile carrier. The link between Your IP address and Your PII is not shared with third parties without Your permission, except as described in Section 11 (“WHEN PROOFKEEP MAY DISCLOSE YOUR INFORMATION”), below.


ProofKeep’s Privacy Policy does not apply to:

a. any information You may send to ProofKeep by email or instant messaging programs, as email and instant messages are not recognized as secure communication forms, or

b. information you provide to or that is collected by any third party that ProofKeep legally ascertains. ProofKeep requests that You do not send any information, which You consider private, or personal to ProofKeep by email or instant message. If You do not agree or feel you cannot comply with this Privacy Policy, do not attempt to use the Service.


From time to time, We may disclose the information collected from You or about You, including PII, in accordance with Section 11 (“WHEN PROOFKEEP MAY DISCLOSE YOUR INFORMATION”), below. ProofKeep uses and/or intends to use PII to:

a. Operate and improve the Service or its associated user experience;

b. Track use of the Service;

c. Provide You with the Service and other products and services that You may request or that You have expressed interest in, or Our AI recommends would be of value to You based on the information You have provided, or We have ascertained information You provided under a written agreement entered into between You and ProofKeep;

d.    Evaluate Your interest and needs in order to improve the Service and make available other offers, products or services;

e. Provide You with personalized offers based on Your PII;

f.     Evaluate, or use an expert AI to evaluate, the types of offers, products or services ProofKeep makes available to You and potential customers;

g.    Provide customer support;

h.    Communicate and provide additional information that may be of interest to You through email, SMS, notification or other means, such as special offers, announcements, and marketing materials;

i.     Send You reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts and support and administrative messages, service bulletins, or marketing;

j.     Manage ProofKeep’s everyday business needs such as Service administration, forum management, fulfillment, analytics, fraud prevention, enforcement of ProofKeep’s corporate reporting obligations, ToU or to comply with the law.

This Privacy Policy does not limit our use of any NPI, and We reserve the right to use and disclose such information to third parties at Our discretion.


Our policies limit access to un-aggregated user PII that is collected from the Service, including Our App, to Our employees and agents and the employees and/or agents of Our affiliates and business partners who need the information to fulfill their business responsibilities, and who are under obligations of confidentiality. In some cases, this may require Your PII to be sent to other countries or legal jurisdictions. By supplying Your PII to ProofKeep, including information supplied through the Service, You consent to Your information being transferred to ProofKeep, its affiliates, vendors or agents. Notwithstanding, vendors and other outside contractors We engage are subject to Our contractual requirements for safeguarding PII.

In addition, ProofKeep employs commercially reasonable security measures, including advanced technology, to protect PII collected against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. ProofKeep reviews and enhances its security systems on an as-needed basis in a commercially reasonable manner and as it deems necessary. Even with such technology, no website, platform or database is 100% secure. ProofKeep cannot and does not guarantee that such security measures will prevent loss, misuse and/or alteration of the information under its control that is used by the Service.


You may access the Service on a third-party website and/or the Service may contain links to other websites. Any third-party website may have its own privacy policy that is different from this Privacy Policy. The terms of the third-party website privacy policy may conflict with the terms of this Privacy Policy. In such circumstances, the terms of this Privacy Policy still apply and You agree to abide by them, even if they conflict with the terms of a third-party website privacy policy.

ProofKeep is not responsible for the actions, practices, or content, including but not limited to the privacy practices, of such third-party websites from which You may access the Service. ProofKeep does not guarantee, approve, use of or endorse any information, material, services, or products contained on these third-party websites. ProofKeep is not responsible for any content on sites linked from or to the Service or for obtaining the necessary consent for such third-party sites to collect, transfer ProofKeep, or otherwise use your information.

You understand that other websites may have their own legal documents to which You must agree prior to using and that ProofKeep has no control over these legal documents. As always, You understand that it is Your responsibility to verify Your legal use of a website as well as use of information from the website with the corresponding website owner. If You visit the sites of third parties, please be sure to review the privacy policies applicable to those sites.


Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy or as specifically agreed to by You, ProofKeep will not disclose any PII as gathered from You through the Service.

a. ProofKeep may share PII in a limited fashion to ProofKeep’s employees, contractors and service providers that perform services on ProofKeep’s behalf, including, but not limited to, operation of the Service technology, marketing services, customer support and other related services. Unless You have specifically opted out (see Section 11.D. below) of such sharing, these contractors also may have access to Your email address or mobile phone number to send special promotions, or ProofKeep-related notices to you on ProofKeep’s behalf or to send emails to You for purposes such as conducting market research, on ProofKeep’s behalf or customer support. Access to Your PII by such contractors and service providers is limited to the information reasonably necessary for the contractor to perform its limited function for ProofKeep. ProofKeep also contractually requires that such contractors and service providers: 1) protect the privacy of Your PII consistent with this Privacy Policy, and 2) not use or disclose Your PII for any purpose other than providing ProofKeep with products and services as required by law.

b. ProofKeep may share PII ProofKeep collects, as permitted by law, to companies such as credit reporting agencies, or servicing and processing companies, or when required or advised to do so in response to a valid legal requirement to release this information such as a state or federal law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena, or court order; or in special cases, such as in response to a physical threat to You or others, to protect property, or if We determine such disclosure is legally advisable or necessary to defend or assert legal rights or prevent harm, to defend ourselves or other ProofKeep Users in litigation. In the event that ProofKeep is legally compelled to disclose Your PII to a third party, ProofKeep will attempt to notify You unless doing so would violate the law or court order.

c. ProofKeep may share PII in accordance with Section 14 (“Transfer of Ownership”), below.

d. If You prefer that ProofKeep does not share certain information with its contractors and service providers, as described above, You can direct ProofKeep not to share that information by contacting Us at:

ProofKeep Technologies Inc.

12238 New Mclellan Road,

Surrey, British Columbia,

Canada V3x 2Y1

Or by writing to Us at [email protected]

Please note that an opt-out with respect to information sharing will not apply to information sharing arrangements described in Sections 11. b or 11. c.

ProofKeep may provide content and services to You through websites and platforms other than those contained in the Service. ProofKeep will not disclose Your PII to these third-party websites and platforms without Your consent, but You should be aware that any information