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Lottery Pools

Uses for ProofKeep:

Use No. 14: Lottery Pools

With Mega Millions lottery fever spreading across the country, office pools are more popular than ever. Playing solo gives you odds of winning at 1 in 302,575,350. Joining a pool may increase your chances but setting it up requires caution. Remember, an office pool is no different from a regular contract and should be enforceable in civil court if necessary. The way you set up the pool could be the difference between buying your own private island or crying at your desk while your coworkers retire.


Here are some Do's and Don'ts to ensure a fair and successful lottery pool experience:



·     Choose a reliable and organized leader to handle the responsibility. Designate an organized leader who will provide copies or photos of the pool tickets to all participants before the drawing. This ensures transparency and prevents any potential fraud. Emailing the list of players each time you play also protects the pool leader and prevents unauthorized claims.

·     Use ProofKeepTM to capture photos of each lottery ticket in the pool, ensuring authenticity.

·     Avoid using cash and opt for electronic payment accounts for a more organized and documented process.

·     Email a list of participants to keep track of payments and prevent disputes.



·     Pay in cash. Utilize electronic payment methods like PayPal or Venmo for written confirmation.

·     Make verbal promises to pay. Use electronic payments to avoid confusion. • Overwhelm yourself with responsibilities.

·     Utilize apps like ProofKeepTM to avoid contentious, time-consuming, and costly disputes.



·     If you are feeling overwhelmed, utilize apps like Lottery Pool Boss to simplify managing the pool.

·     Use ProofKeepTM to help mitigate or eliminate time-consuming and costly disputes.


By following these recommendations, you can enhance the fairness and efficiency of your lottery pool while protecting yourself from unjustifiable claims.

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